Laser Therapy is the latest technology in non-invasive pain management for your pet.

Laser Therapy increases the release of endorphins which aid in pain relief and reduction of inflammation. The deep, soothing light from the laser targets injured tissues and cells to accelerate repair and growth.

Common Uses for the Laser:

Arthritis                     Allergies

Post-Op Healing      Fractures

Inflammation           Lick Granulomas

Feline Acne              Wounds

Infections                 Tooth Extraction

Tendonitis                Periodontal Disease

Hips                           DJD

Acute Conditions     Chronic Conditions

If you feel your pet will benefit from laser therapy, please call our office to set up a treatment schedule that will fit your pet's needs. To find out more information regarding the Companion Laser Everhart uses, how it works and how your pet will benefit please visit:


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