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April is Heartworm and Lyme disease Awareness Month!

Posted on 03-20-2014

April is Heartworm prevention and Lyme disease awareness in pets, month. Pets are infected with heartworms via a mosquito bite. An infected mosquito releases infected larvae into the bloodstream and w...

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Why Flea and Tick Preventatives are important for your pet

Posted on 03-13-2014

Meghan is the owner of Riley, a 5 year old terrier mix. Riley had been acting fine at home but Meghan noticed there were little white worms in Riley’s stool. She brought Riley’s stool samp...

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Why Annual Visits are Important for Your Pet

Posted on 03-07-2014

              Lacey, is 9 year old cocker spaniel, new client, who came to Everhart for a wellness exam and to check a lump that presented on her ear. Lacey had a co...

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